How do you dress for our date?

I like to be able to dress accordingly, so please always tell me what you would like to do together. I typically wear dresses, but always elegant and tasteful. If you have any specific requests please be sure to ask me.

Do you have any reviews?

I feel very strongly about mutual respect. I would never compromise your privacy and talk about our private moments to anyone else. I would like that same right afforded to me which is why I put no weight or value on the review system and I would like you to respect this after our date. We are all different with our own unique traits and qualities that can’t be measured on a scale of 1 to 10.

I’m nervous about protecting my privacy. How do I contact you discretely?

I suggest that you create an email not linked to your personal information though protonmail (encrypted email service) & contact me at Every client’s privacy is my highest priority but I will need your personal information for screening purposes upon our first booking request. The sole purpose of this is my safety.

Why do you require deposits in some cases?

I require a small deposit (10%) for all dates because our time together is valuable and I center my entire day around our date. Canceling on my end is extremely rare, however, if I do happen to do so I can guarantee I will send your deposit back within 24 hours. If you happen to have to cancel with 48 hours of notice your deposit will be applied to our future date. If you must cancel without 48 hours notice there will be a non refundable 50% cancellation fee and the remaining 50% will be applied to out future date.

Do you accept all type of customers?

I accept bookings from all genders, races, religions & sexualities.

Do you look like in your pictures?

All my pictures are taken by a professional or by myself. Either with a professional camera or a cellphone. I do not edit them besides some color correction and face blur. I also have a social media account where you can follow my latest adventures. Feel free to ask for this.


Each meeting is booked with 10 minutes of grace time for an unhurried showering/dressing time. A high standard of oral hygiene is greatly appreciated. Clients who respect this privilege will always be given consideration over those who don’t.


My donation must be placed in an unsealed envelope left in the restroom. If we are meeting in public, it must be handed to me discreetly within 5 minutes of meeting (inside a gift bag, magazine, newspaper, or similar)